Tiamo Cold Drip 6-8 Cup


The idea behind this slow cold brewing method is that the coffee drinker can experience the coffee flavours without the tannins, bitterness and astringency that you usually get from a traditional hot brewing method.  The cold brew is great, because it still retains the chocolate, citrus and fruity notes.

The coffee reacts differently in the chemical bond between hot and cold water and these tools allow you to discover these finer aspects of the coffee flavours that might otherwise be lost in a hot brew.

These coffee makers are elegant and yield a refined cup of coffee - full of body and zing.

Store your extraction in the fridge, and drink neat in a cold glass or over ice.  Perfect for a hot morning or afternoon.  Cold brew is also a great start to a blended coffee drink. 

These cold drippers are made of high quality tempered glass. They are manufactured in Taiwan. They yield approximately 6-8 cups in a single brewing session.

The dimensions of this unit are:

Height: 70cm

Depth: 14cm

Length: 21cm

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